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Tepaluma Patagonian Distillery

Once a big dream of the finest drinks we could possibly make in the purest and vastes nature we could find and here we are.

Follow your dreams!

What we do

Transform the purity of water and local flora into world-class fine spirits as majestic as Chilean Patagonia with a focus on capturing that fresh, wild and aweinspiring feeling patagonian nature imparts on our souls. We do this with mostly traditional techniques and with upmost respect for the drinking experience, nature and our client´s welbeing.


Patagonian water management


Foraging wild botanicals


Traditional floor malting


Brewing, fermenting, distilling, cask-aging 


Bottling, labeling, packing and shipping.

Our story

The Tepaluma Distillery is the outcome of a quest for purity, real nature, real taste, that unfolded into an extraordinary journey. Explore our origins – the narrative that ultimately lead us to the Carretera Austral in Chilean Patagonia.

Today the distillery, a repurposed bodega in a patagonian cattle farm, is located in between the remote and pristine Palena and Queulat valleys. Surrounded by majestic mountains, evergreen forests, mighty rivers, and awe-inspiring glaciers, we take pride in crafting exceptional beverages that meticulously capture the authentic flavors and aromas of this unique natural landscape.

Every Tepaluma is a masterpiece, crafted in harmony with nature, where every detail is thoughtfully attended to. It undergoes a patient distillation process in a 500 L copper still over an open flame and is bottled at the source to capture all the authentic flavors directly from the fountain. 

Dedicated people

Our team is rooted in values of dedication, discipline, and an unwavering passion for sharing exceptional beverages with the world, values we uphold firmly to this day.

Pure water 

We source the purest and most pristine water from a waterfall nestled deep within the heart of the native forest, on the slopes of a snow covered mountain in the breathtaking Queulat National Park.

Wild nature

We manually gather leaves, flowers, berries, and seeds from lakes, rivers, fjords, fields, and forests at their prime, distilling the pure essence of Patagonia while carefully maintaining the health of the plants and ecosystem.


Today we are focused on developing our single malt whisky from our home floor malt varieties, while also expanding  the production of Tepaluma Gin to meet increasing demand - ensuring we uphold artisanal production methods and eco-friendly practices in harmony with the wild.

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