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Deep Patagonia in your cocktail

Recipes for savouring even more

In Patagonia, they have a saying,  "Those who rush loose their time".


Serve every cocktail with a glass of water


The quality of the ingredients makes a difference


Not too much, not too little, just enough.


Nature is wise, if it grows together, it goes together


Sip slowly, savor flavors; drink responsibly

Tepaluma Gin Perfect Serve

The essence of Tepaluma

To build a Tepaluma Gin Perfect Serve, we need a balloon glass with plenty of ice; the bigger the ice, the better. Chill the glass with a spoon and swirling motions for about 45 seconds, then remove the excess water.

Add 2 ounces (60 ml) of Tepaluma Gin "The Spirit of the Forest”.

Add 200 ml of FeverTree Mediterranean Tonic, pouring it close to the ice to avoid breaking too many bubbles.

Finish the cocktail with a Tepa leaf.

In simplicity lies purity and perfection, which is why we share this recipe that we consider the purest way to drink and enjoy every drop of our gin. An exhilarating feeling that will run through your entire body, a call to freedom, and a decree signed with fire: "enjoy life as if it were the last thing you do."



A good tonic water is not simply carbonated and sweetened; it is an artisanal component crafted with precision to enhance the flavor profiles of gin. From its origins as a medicinal remedy to its current role as an essential gin companion, tonic water has evolved into a key element of modern mixology.

Why Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic?

For several reasons:

  1. High-Quality Ingredients: It uses essential oils from Mediterranean flowers, fruits, and herbs, providing an authentic and fresh flavor.

  2. Balanced Flavor Profile: The combination of natural quinine, rosemary, and thyme complements the botanical flavors of gin without overpowering them.

  3. Perfect Carbonation: The fine and persistent bubbles improve texture and release the aromas of the gin.

  4. Versatility: It mixes well with a wide variety of gins, particularly excelling with herbal and citrus gins.

  5. Sustainability: The brand is committed to sustainable practices in ingredient sourcing and production.

In summary, Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic elevates the gin and tonic experience with its quality and balanced flavor.

Other ideas to surprise

Bring a fresh wind of Patagonian forests to your mixology adventure and explore the fusion of flavors as you create refined cocktails, inspired by the pristine and wild nature of Patagonia.


In the coming days, new recipes will be released.

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