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Tepaluma Gin - 700 ml

Taste the purity of the Patagonian rainforests

Tepaluma´s Spirit of the Forest, is a gin made to make ginlovers´hearts and palates happy through a curated ultra-smooth experience of lingering fresh, Patagonian deliciousness.


Seekers of special experiences and occasions will feel catered to with the sense of well-being Chilean Patagonia´s rainforests bestow through Tepaluma´s Patagonia in a Bottle concept of fine spirits made from the luxuries found in pristine nature that connecto to and ignite a voyage for the senses, 


In this case through the canopy of far away, glorious and exotic forests, snowcapped mountains and grand, turquoise rivers; a natural oasis and beacon of hope and protection for humanity in times of climate change: The land and sea forests of Chilean Patagonia. 

Tepaluma Gin - 700 ml

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  • Tepaluma Gin, Spirit of the Forest
    Contemporary Vapour-infused London Dry Gin
    43°ABV | 86° PROOF

    Country of origin: Chile

    Character: Refined, herbal, aromatic, citric, lingering freshness, natural sweetness, bold yet benevolent like Patagonia´s native nature.


    100% neutral grain base spirit from 100% non-GMO corn and 14 botanicals, 7 tradtional gin botanicals and 7 foraged from local patagonian rainforests are slowly distilled over an open fire in a traditional 500 L copper pot still with vapour-infusion technique, then diluted with pure water from a local cascade and left to rest weeks before bottling. Batch and bottle number, as well as date of distillation are handwritten on every bottle.

    Production time: 7 weeks to create one batch.
    Aproximately 850 bottles of 700 ml per batch

    Packaging: Glass bottle, Please recycle

    Keywords: Craft, patagonian, small-batch, sustainable, ethical, unique and ultra fine gin. For lovers of real and pure taste, G&T´s, negronis and epic nature.


    700 ml bottle: 21,46 cm H x 8.98 cm 

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