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Carretera Austral Aysén Patagonia Chile

Welcome to the Tepaluma® 
Patagonian Distillery

Family owned artisan house of liquid gastronomy distilling the world´s southernmost rainforests.  

Keep the wild wild!

Patagonia in a Bottle ®

Our slogan is our promise to you:

Tepaluma is the purest place on the planet respectfully distilled into a beverage as majestic as the nature it comes from. Enjoy every sip while connecting to the soul-enriching power of Chilean Patagonia's last wild rainforests.


The spirit of the Patagonian rainforest,
explore it now!

A connection to the majestic beauty of bold nature in Chilean Patagonia.

Our Tepaluma products

...embody the spirit of Chilean Patagonia through courage, innovation, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Tepaluma Gin 700 ml
Spirit of the forest
Tepaluma Gin
London Dry Gin 43°ABV

An iconic, world-class, ultra-natural, contemporary gin.
Floor malting
Single malt Whisky
In Development

We’ve perfected the art of traditional malting with local barley and are presently exploring sustainable alternatives to peat for our whisky. Though its release is years away, do join us on this crafting journey

Jamie Balise / Seattle, USA.

Amazing gin and a great people! We stopped by for a tour and to buy some gin, and ended up spending quite a while talking to one of the owners. They are super nice and have a very cool operation, everything is natural, local, and used with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. We will definitely be back, especially when the whiskey they are working on is ready!

Join the club!

Join our email list and get access to special deals, exclusive to our subscribers.

Would you like to visit us?

 Experience the essence of our craft amidst soul-enriching nature.

For larger groups, private events and other visit enquiries, contact us:

Carretera Austral KM 350

La Junta, Cisnes
Aysén Patagonia

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